What happens when the Sun dies

We all know that the Sun is the ultimate source of energy for all lives on earth. The sun is a star consisting of basically hydrogen and helium. It is about 109 times that of the earth in size and about 330,000 times the mass. Yes, it is that huge. Most of us take the sun for granted but it is the divine virtue of the sun that it still keeps on shining and provide us with heat, light, and energy. But have you ever wondered, what happens to the earth and us if the sun suddenly runs out of gas and turns off ⚫?? Have you thought of the events that might occur apart from the chaos when the sun is gone? If not, don’t worry the curiousguru is on the rescue ⛑️

Will we see light if the sun dies?
light from fire in forest at night

It is obvious there will be no light without the sun but the time for light to reach the earth is 499 seconds (At average distance), so the last beam of light leaving from the horizon of the sun before it dies will take about eight and a half minutes to reach the earth’s horizon and there will still be natural light for a couple of minutes. This will be the last time that we ever experience sunlight and after that, the entire earth will be plunged into darkness and we will only rely on the artificial light produced from electricity, firewood, or chemical energy ( candles, kerosene lamps, etc.) until they exhaust as well.

Will the moon be visible if the sun dies?
sunlight reflected by moon
Sunlight reflected by the moon

The moon does not produce light of its own, it reflects the light that it receives from the sun. So in the absence of the sun, though it might be present the moon will not be visible. No sun; no moon. Since stars produce their heat and light, they will be the only entity you could see when you look up in the sky, regardless of the time in your clock, because there will be no light to outshine them.

What will the temperature of Earth be if the sun dies

For the first 24 hrs, the temperature will not drop drastically due to the greenhouse effect which traps heat to keep the earth’s surface warm in absence of the sun, and in addition, the core of the earth provides heat from the inside.

But from the very next day the temperature on the surface of the earth will drop 15 – 20o C and in a week or so it will go below 0o C . Soon after a year, the earth will revert to ice age but with a much lower temperature ( below -100oC) than before due to the absence of sunlight and probably with no life this time.

How much time will we survive if the sun dies
Dying tree
Dying tree

We all know that plants need sunlight to perform photosynthesis, which is their process of manufacturing food but with the sun being gone there is no way they can produce energy for their survival, so evidently, all small plants and trees will start dying off. Due to slow metabolism, bigger trees will survive for a while but death is imminent in a few weeks. The end of plant life will result in the extinction of herbivores and many other animals that depend on plants for food and ultimately the whole food chain will fall. Humans will survive only until their food reserves last because we will run out of food long before we run out of breathable air.

If humans were to survive only on oxygen after all plants died then we would have about 10 million days which is about 27,397.26 years before we run out of oxygen.

Assuming the planet is not destroyed, some psychrophilic bacteria will be the last to die because they can survive extreme cold climate but as soon as the temperature drops below their incubation conditions they will not be able to survive either.

What happens to the solar system if the sun dies
scattered planets and sattelites
Scattered entities in space

The earth revolves around the sun in an imaginary path called the orbit. An orbit is a gravitationally curved trajectory of an object that all planets and satellites follow. The gravitational force of the sun holds all the planets in an organized manner in the solar system in their orbits but with the death of the sun, the gravitational force vanishes along with it. As a result, now the planets do not have a definite path of travel and no force to direct their movements so they will scatter around the galaxy. In this case, our precious earth might collide with an asteroid, a moon, or any other planet which will destroy the planet in the blink of an eye.

Well, these were just assumptions and we don’t have to worry about the death of the sun anytime soon because the sun has been burning since 4.5 billion years and still has more than 5 billion years before it exhausts its resources. And even after that, the sun does not die but on the contrary, it will turn into a red giant and start engulfing the nearby planets like mercury, venus, and earth probably. So either way, we won’t be alive to witness these events.

Do you think we would be able to survive for a week without the sun? Reply in the comments.

BEES: The Generous Army

The word generous seems quite ironic while mentioning Bees right? Because bees are generally considered as danger and people are so scared of these back and yellow insects that some even pee their pants out literally. 😀 So why is curiousguru specifying these aggressive insects as generous? 🤔 Well, let’s find out..

Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. There are over 16,000 known species of bees and they are found on every continent in the world except Antarctica, because bees need flowering plants to make honey and sadly there are none due to its extremely cold climate 🥶 Besides providing honey and wax, bees have a vital role in the survival of humans. Wondering how?? Let curiousguru anoint you..

Why bees are important to humans

The majority of plants that we survive on depends on pollination for reproduction, and Bee is one the most important agent of pollination. Just 2% of the wild bees of the world contributes to about 80% of crop pollination and the rest 20% is done by air, water & birds etc. Out of top 100 crops grown worldwide , 70 of them rely on pollination which is equivalent to 90% of world’s nutrition.

As human cannot process food in their body like plants and trees, we depend on other plants and animals for food. And the animals depend on plants and other animal (which are either herbivores or omnivores ) . So basically we all depend on plants.

What if plants stop reproducing? what if they cannot have any more babies (Fruits in this case)?? There will be no seeds without fruits and no next generation of plants without seeds and no food for us because all the grains that we consume are seeds (in crops seed is the fruit). And it’s not possible for the 7.8 billion people in the world which is increasing day by day, to only survive on hunting and fishing like the Early Men did. Evidently the whole food chain will collapse in a matter of time and we will starve to death.

So you can imagine how bees are working so hard for us without even taking any credit for centuries, this is how generous they are. And we tag them as a sign of danger: how selfish and cruel. Without them we wouldn’t have even survived this long and certainly will not if they are to disappear suddenly. So it is our sheer duty to protect them and treat them with the respect that they deserve.

But sadly the population of bees are declining from the past few years due to use of pesticides in the crop fields and various human activities.

The same pesticide which is used to protect the crops from pests are harming the bees as well. The pesticide neonicotinoid, which is widely used in agriculture acts as a contraceptive for bees and has negative effects on the reproductive potential of both wild and managed bees. And human activities like land development and electromagnetic pollution are making it even harder for the bees to survive.

Bees have always been working hard to ensure our survival under the radar. Even though we are not much of a help to them, they carry out their job selflessly and tirelessly. So let’s show some appreciation and human generosity by thanking the black & yellow heroes and grow plants and trees that bear beautiful flowers which they love to visit.

Some 🐝 Facts

  • Did you know bees steal honey from other hives when there is shortage of nectar producing flowers and it’s called robbing.
  • Male bees are called drones and their sole purpose is to find a virgin queen bee to mate and then they die.
  • Bees perform a dance called waggle dance to share locations and whereabouts of nectar yielding flowers and their hives.
  • Only about seven species of bees make honey.
  • Bee wax is used in lip balm, lip gloss, eye liner, hand creams and many other cosmetics.

Thank you for your patience, Curiousguru buzzing off. See you in the next post.


“Corona” The word that is terrorising the world, causing panic and havoc in every street, city, country and every corner of the world. It has forced us to lock ourselves inside of our homes like caged animals. The economy of the country is rapidly going down due to people not being able to work outside of their homes in fear of spreading of the virus.

People are dying all around the world, we are being forced to compromise with our freedom. Probably the worst case scenario in decades, of medical history. We are fully aware that people are facing numerous problems due to lockdown, but there are always two sides of a coin. If we try to look at the bright side for a moment, just to kick some positivity in everyone of us, there are a few points which are mentionable as how LOCKDOWN due to CORONA has benefits.

Breaking the link:

First and foremost is that it will break the chain of virus spreading from one person to another, which is extremely necessary otherwise there will be no stopping of this virus since there is no vaccine to tackle it till date.

Decrease in air pollution:

The quality of air has improved significantly during lockdown due to very low usage of vehicles and less emission of gases and smokes from factories and industries which are the major causes of air pollution. If you live in a town you will notice the difference since cities are the most affected by air pollution.

More time for family:

Most of the people are engaged in 9am to 5pm jobs, so it is quite difficult to make time, but almost all offices are closed & employees are instructed to work from home except for the essential services, so now it is possible to spend more quality time with your family, which was somewhat difficult in the normal office days.

More time for creativity:

Have you ever thought of doing something else rather than going back to the same old boring job of yours everyday? If yes, then the lockdown is the perfect opportunity. Use your time to hone your skills or try experimenting new ones. Since schools, colleges, private & government offices are almost closed, rather than wasting time it can be worth trying new activities like writing a novel, cooking, making videos, gardening, blogging etc. or exercising maybe? B)

Decrease in Road Fatalities:

A huge decrease in road accident is seen during the lockdown period because there is very little or no movement on the road. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, Law Commission of India 2017 report, every minute one serious accident occurs, 16 dies on the road every hour, 1291 road cashes, out of which about 384 people dies everyday, which is equivalent to a jumbo jet crash. You can do the math now as how many Indian lives were spared due to lockdown.

Sigh of relief:

Since not many people are outside of their homes, crime rates have dropped significantly compared to last year during the same period of time. Even the states with the highest crime rate like Delhi, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh have witnessed 40-70% fall in crime rates during lockdown. Similarly other states are also noticing huge drop in crimes relating to murder, rape, smuggling, extortion, robbery, theft, domestic violence etc.

Less Trash:

The amount of garbage is equal to the amount of people littering on the road. Since the streets are deserted these days, there is negligible amount of trash present on the road, thus the drains and sewers are clean and so ultimately the large water bodies like rivers, seas and oceans are suffering from less water pollution at least for the time being.

Made us conscious:

No one ever thought such a disease can show up suddenly and engulf the whole world in a matter of weeks. Covid-19 will be a reminder that anything unexpected can happen at anytime. Now people will be more cautious and our survival skills will be nurtured as the resources are limited and will further help us to be prepared for such pandemic or any other desperate situations in the future. Moreover wastage of food has decreased as there is scarcity of food. People are learning to conserve and utilize food in the most efficient way possible.

Conservation of fuel:

Since motor vehicles are running in very limited numbers the usage of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel has dramatically decreased in India. About 17.6% decrease in petrol which is about 1.943 million tonnes and 26% in case of diesel which is about 4.982 million tonnes in March 2020 alone. Also Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) sales fell by 31.6% which is about 4,63,000 tonnes. These are huges numbers to be considered.

So, if you agree to the above mentioned pointers then be sure to like and share the posts with your family and friends. And do mention in the comments if the curiousguru have missed something out.


Sources : https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/energy/oil-gas/petrol-sales-shrink-15-5-diesel-24-in-march-as-covid-19-lockdown-wipes-demand/articleshow/75008960.cms?from=mdr



Disclaimer : This article has no intention to hurt the sentiments of the people or anyone related to them who are suffering due to lockdown, it is only pointing out the benefits of lockdown in a positive manner.


Find out why it is harmful to go or sleep under a tree at night..

Well there are numerous cases in villages and even in cities in India where people believe that ghosts lives in ficus tree ( peepal or aahat ), jujube tree( Bogori ) and many other such trees. Guys there is a scientific reason to why people have this notion, a few people might know about it but there are still tons people who are unaware and still believe in this myth. Don’t worry curiousguru will explain the facts and reality of this so called myth.

No more superstitions

First of all there are no ghosts in trees, even if there are some supernatural powers that we still don’t understand or do not know of, they don’t live in trees. Don’t you think a tree would be a very uncomfortable place for a ghost to live in? I mean it (the ghost; i don’t know the gender so referring as “it”) can get wet in the rain, tanned in sunlight right? 😄😄 Ok enough of the kidding around.

The reason behind such belief is because there were cases when people have been found unconscious under such trees and this happens due to the lack of oxygen(O2). There is comparably less oxygen under a big tree than areas out of its reach at night.

As we all know every living organism needs oxygen to survive, except some anaerobic organisms ( bacteria,protozoans,etc), likewise trees also use oxygen for respiration ( i.e inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide) all day-night long. During daytime when there is sunlight, trees and green plants produce energy through a process called photosynthesis, where the plants absorbs carbon dioxide(CO2) and releases oxygen as a by product.

But at night when there is no sunlight, photosynthesis is not possible and as a result there is no production of oxygen but the trees needs oxygen for respiration and acquires it from the surroundings near it i.e the atmosphere and release carbon dioxide like all living beings.


So the concentration of carbon dioxide is much more near a tree at night compared to daytime when there is sunlight and is very harmful for us.

The reason behind having high concentration of CO2 is that the bigger you are the more oxygen you need and the more amount of O2 you inhale the more CO2 you exhale.

You can see for yourself tonight, if you have a tree at home with lot of branches and leaves just go under that tree and breathe for a few seconds, you will notice that there is a little difficulty in inhaling, now get away from the tree and try breathing, you will feel a difference in inhaling, it will be easier to breathe when you are a few feets away from the tree.

Now suppose an elderly person going near such a tree at night, the person is sure to have breathing problems or in worst case scenario he/she might fall unconscious, which later, after being rescued the person might interpret it as a ghost or any supernatural power and the news gets circulated from person to person and soon it becomes viral and thus turns into a superstition. But the reality is that there is science in it and somewhat difficult to understand.

There is a term called oxygen offset,

Oxygen offset = oxygen produced – oxygen consumed

The oxygen offset of large trees is low compared to smaller plants and trees. Large trees produce more oxygen no doubt but they also consume significantly higher amount for respiration. As more oxygen is inhaled therefore more carbon dioxide is exhaled as well, but the smaller plants tends to inhale less, so their oxygen offset is high therefore the amount of oxygen content released by them into the atmosphere is higher.

Hope this somewhat helped you guys to understand as why the myth of ghosts living in a tree prevails.

Bonus: Some plants can absorbs carbon dioxide even at night which purifies the air and are very easily available. This is possible due to their ability to perform a type of photosynthesis called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). You can keep them in your balcony or in your room to purify the air at night. To name some…

Aloe Vera :

A succulent plant that removes harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene purifying the air and also well known for its medicinal uses in skin problems.

Cactus :

The cactus plant which is usually found in harsh dry places like deserts and can be potted as it absorbs CO2 from air at night through CAM

Areca Palm (Momai Tamul) :

This plant can grow upto 100 feet but in indoor conditions it grows around 6-7 feet. It improves air quality by absorbing harmful gases and also provides edible fruit.

Snake Plant :

This plant absorbs pollutants like xylene,benzene,toluene along with CO2 freshening the air at night. It is also known as the mother law’s tongue.

Pineapple :

Along with its delightful sweet fruit the pineapple plant can also perform CAM, thus absorbs CO2 at night and uses it efficiently during photosynthesis in presence of light.

Thank you guys and since this is my first article on this blog, please feel free to leave any of your suggestions and comments in the comment box. Don’t forget to subscribe because the journey has started and I have lots of topics to share with you.


Hi, guys let me introduce myself to you, I am James D Rabha, Mechanical Engineer by choice and blogger by passion. I have very little to be proud of, but I believe that if there is an ultimate desire to do something and make a little difference in the world and be proud of then nothing in this world can stop you from doing it. If you work with determination, dedication and patience everything can be achieved. I always wanted to do something so that my name is carved in stone. But that’s my vision and I have no idea how I am going to do it.

In the meantime I thought entering the blogosphere seems a good way to reach out to the world. So I decided to start a blog and connect with people by sharing interesting information that I have and that I can accumulate from anywhere possible.

My blog is basically going to be a balanced mixture of

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I hope you we connect in the future with a lots of positivity and witness the growth of Curoiusguru.


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